[video] robofight new 4k


Recreated “Matinee” Subway scene with the new Sequencer Cinematic Toolset provided by Epic Games in UE4. VERSION 4.12. Improvements include custom blueprints, tweaked shaders, new lighting, sequencer, dynamic light shafts, lens effects, camera rigs including matrix bullet time using the new camera rail system, heavy post processing in real-time, composition, and much more! Complete focus on how to visually achieve a “film like” VFX fight scene with Unreal’s latest toolset. Heavily inspired by Batman Vs Superman and it’s Soundtrack album by Hans Zimmer which is where the idea sparked from in the first place. Full cinematic DONE in 2 NIGHTS! Thank you Epic Games for providing all the free assets through the EPIC Marketplace. Two entire nights listening to Hans Zimmerman and making punches feeling like they hurt…got to LOVE IT!

Great video! I like all your camera angles. Is there a tut on how to do this anywhere. I have made a video in sequencer but cant figure out how to render it out to a video like yours.

You could try to play it in Fullscreen iN Engine and to Record it with a Desktop Recording Tool.