Video Playback with HTML5


After multiple tests and wondering what I’m doing wrong, I’ve come to learn that Unreal Engine does not support video playback when ported to browser, even though audio works fine. Is there a way around this? Or a plugin? Surely there must be a way to use video media in HTML5. Any ideas or experiences in doing this would be greatly appreciated, cheers!

multi-threading for HTML5 in wasm is just about there. we are now working on getting a number of items (multi-threaded rendering, file system, streaming, movie player, etc.) to work again in UE4.

stay tuned!


Thanks for the update, this is great!
I’m currently working on a project that would be video centric and would be great to have working with HTML5.
Is there a rough time scale for this to be implemented into the engine natively?
Or is it better to use tags or implementing the Mozilla Animating Textures library when packaged?


I am also working on a video centric project for HTML5, as domridle_affari. I have the same question about the expected time frame for the multi-threaded video player. Also, is there maybe a branch on UE’s github for experimenting with this sooner? Thank you

Hi. I’d also really like to get video playback working in an HTML5 build. Is there any update on the progress of this?
Many thanks.


I’m also working on an HTML5 video project. Have you found a solution that works for you? I can’t seem to find any information on “tags” and I’m not experienced with the Mozilla Animating Textures library. A response would really help me out.

Thank you.

Hello, does the video integration with HTML5 was resolved ? I am also interested and looking for solution to integrate video in my project in HTML 5