Video on media framework bug

Hi all, I’ve come across a problem which I just have no idea how to solve.

I sent packaged executable to client and he is not able to see or hear the video clip which I’ve setup in UMG. The file I used was .wmv and .wav for audio and synced it in blueprints.

The executable runs the video just fine on my pc. However on his end it doesn’t work. Just blackscreen. We are both running it on windows 7.

Any ideas?

In what version of UE4 did you package the project?

I am using 4.9.2

Did you send the correct folder(s) ? maybe try delete everything, repackage and try for yourself on a different pc

I’ve found the solution on the forums. The user Jamie figured this out. I must of done the same without realizing in a previous project.

First thing copy your movie file to the content\movies folder in your project. Import the file in UE4… this will create Media Player Asset in the editor…

Open up the new Asset and in the File or URL section reset the URL/file. Next click on the ‘File or URL’ again and add the file you want to play…

Notice that the paths change completely from absolute to relative path.

this will now package correctly and play from any location.

Ahh it was that, also for people to note, often there is no Movie folder in contents so you have to create 1.