Video on curved static mesh


I am trying to add video to my project in UE4.

I am able to create video on flat surface (left on the picture) but I want to have it on curved screen (its ment for VR). I tried to add it on cylinder (right on the picture) but video goes all around the surface. After cutting cylinder in Blender (picture in middle) the screen is split in to two halves.

Please if anybody knows what to do let me know,
thank you very much,



I know it’s years later but I’m trying to do the same thing. Hoping you were able to find a solution because I can’t see one currently.


I replied to this thread multiple time before the forum change.
OP ignored my advice.
Create a plane in Maya/blender the size you want, then make sure its UV mapped as one shell, then add a linear bend deformer (Maya) and curve it. (give it sufficient divisions to support the curve)