Video not playing when on google playstore

I created a game for google play and finally (after 3 weeks of pain) got it on the google play store. However none of the video’s play. They are all stored in the correct place as when I package it for PC or play in the editor, they work perfectly. It’s only when I play it on an android device, does it not work. It’s built in version 4.24

This is my first mobile game so I understand a bit about android studio but not a lot.

I’ve the same problem: the video works when I launch the app on my smartphone from my PC, but when I package the game and I publish on Google Play Store the video doesn’t work (I change nothing except the target SDK Version: I noticed that if I try to launch the game on my smartphone from the PC with target SDK 29, which is required for publish an app on Play Store, the game doesn’t work. So I change the Target SDK to 21 only to launch on smartphone by PC. Then when I want to publish the game I change to the SDK version required 29). I haven’t found any solution for this. If anyone knows a solution it could be very userful.

I found out how to get this working, you have to open the blueprint/file of the video in ue4 and it comes up with different options like android, windows, apple. select the drop down box and enable or something. Just change it from the default and it should hopefully work