[VIDEO] Music visualizer made with the Audio Visualization plugin.

The video demo is up on YouTube (linky below), and the program will be made available for download if people are interested! I created it over Memorial Day weekend, when I finally had some time to play with Unreal Engine since big announcement back in March. I can’t believe how far the tools have come in just a few years! I’m a total newbie to game engines/game development but I’m really excited to work with this extremely powerful toolkit. Thanks Epic, you’re awesome!!!

Please subscribe to my brand-new channel if you like it, and I’ll make other types of music visualizations for you! Yes, I’m taking requests for my next project!

I am very interested! Please post a link! :slight_smile:

OP here, I changed my nickname to make things less confusing and more awesome! I’ll be putting up everything on github or sourceforge or googlecode when I get some time this coming week, with an open source license. Stay tuned, subscribe to my youtube channel, and please leave a youtube comment!

Is this capable of visualizing audio played from outside of Unreal, e.g Spotify? Keep it awesome!

Uuuuh, this will be interesting to play with :slight_smile: Great work, looks awesome!

Well done.

Were you able to find a way to package projects with this plugin? As far as I know, it’s never been possible.

Still nothing uploaded? This looks promising! Please share this awesomeness with us! :smiley:

I am having a difficult time trying to figure out the sound Visualizer, can you share some basics on how to achieve this?