Video Memory has been Exhausted Cant seem to fix

I’ve been working on a pretty small landscape and recently ran into this issue of

“Video Memory Exhausted (#### MB over budget). Expect extremely poor performance.”

I’ve been trying a bunch of different things to see if I can get it to go away (removing assets and foliage even removing them from the project folder entirely. I still cant seem to get this issue resolved. I have a 3070 and when I open this map specifically I hit around 7.1GB on VRAM which I think is the issue. But like I said even after removing things from the project entirely I still hit that amount and have the error. I saw someone else post this same exact question a couple months ago but I reading through comments didn’t really seem to help me with this specific issue.

I am using 4k textures on the landscape MAT and other assets but even after removing that I still hit this issue. I know this is probably a complicated one so any help would be appreciated.