Video Mapping/Multi Screens/LED lights

Hi I already start a thread about a bunch of requests in one, but I think I’ll do a new one and be more specific, at leasrt a little. (I’ll do my best to express myself clearly, english is not my first language)

What I want to do is games that are not shown/projected on a single monitor/screen or HMD or Glasses (Oculus, Vive, Hololens), but on a multiple screens or/and in one or more projectors or/and through LED lights.

For example a player is in a room fill with screens all around the room or 2 projectors on a cube or LEDs stripes like an interactive BriteLite, with sensors like Kinects or Leap Motion or with a controller Steam or Xbox he an control his character through the room.

Some inspirations:

Like this is a good example of video mapping done with UDK (2011)
And what I would want is implement interactivity

Unity looks like it can do some interactive projection mapping. But I prefer Unreal to Unity.
Or it looks like there is a french start up that is launching some technologies for immersive projection

Or this game with a LED stripe
Or games and experiences like Polycode does

Example of multiple screens

So I don’t if there is thrid parties or a team of Epic Games that are working on plug-ins or features that will help to develop and export games/experiences of this kind, but it would be awesome.

Thank You