Video instaed gif into documentation

For clarity, the documentation is present animation or video, but it is difficult to load pages.
To solve this problem, I propose to use the built-in modern browsers, namely the ability to play videos.

To do this(into web pages), you need to replace** this code**:

	<div class="asyncgif">
	<p><img title="Click to play animation" alt="image alt text" src="image_9.jpg" width="752" height="344">

on that :

<div class="videoplayer">
 <div class="title">image_9</div>
    <video controls="controls" loop="loop" preload="metadata"       
    height="90%" width="90%">
   <source src="image_9.mp4" type="video/mp4" />

You can then use more video formats, choose the video smaller (but without compromising on quality) and control playback.

The example in the screenshot.(It’s Firefox, into Chrome view is other, but also reproduces it right)