Video In Game

Is it not possible to have a video play as a texture in game? For example, I have a Television 3d Model inside Unreal, fully textured. How do I get a video to play on the TV? Searching online has pointed to this not being possible, but this was old results.

theres this too:

I believe it has the exact same thing your trying to do too!


This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!!

No problem!
However if you find out how to get fullscreen video to play from a box trigger please let us know, as it’s something I’m stuck on atm.

Make youve got a widget setup with an image inside of it.

Make sure your image material is set up as the white node of the texture sample is connected to the “Emissive Color” pin of the Material node you’re using.

Make sure you’ve got a boxtrigger.

open your level blueprint (Select blueprints from the menu at the top >> Open Level Blueprint)

In here you want to link the following nodes in this order “OnActorBeginOverlap” + “Create Widget” + “Add to Viewport”

Ensure the “return value” of the create widget and “target” of add to viewport are linked.

Compile and save and that should work (Ins Hopefully)

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Doctor, Thanks for this info! It should help!