[Video Game](Story) {Idea} An idea for the story of a Video Game

So, stories are not a skill I’m good at, however being honest at least I try to create stories at all, but to clarify for the record I’m a gameplay first, story last guy so that might reflect in this story so forgive me if the story has more holes than in a block of swiss cheese.

The year is 5,000, and everything that could go wrong did, in 2100 Climate Change became too much of a problem to be able to fix, in 2100 America has a mass murder that was orchestrated by a anarchist group killing 50% of Americas population in 46 states, from 2150 to 2200 NASA launched ”Project Preservation”, 50 passenger ships able to house 1,000 people were launched to seek refuge among the various exo planets, these ships were equipped to be able to travel at 60% the speed of light, making the journey to other exo planets short, in 2250 World War III happened when a US politician pissed off the then leader of Nor Korea Sing Li Jun, the war was 10 years in length and ended when Nuclear Armageddon hit, 99% of the worlds then 11 billion people we’re either killed in the war or by the heavily concentrated amounts of Nuclear radiation, Australia became the only none radiated are for colonisation but due to the scorching heat not many took refuge on the continent.

Now a small group of people who are descendants of Ship #45 return to Earth to research whether it has one again become habitable and safe for humans, and while most of the nuclear radiation has dropped to more acceptable levels, the climate has changed the face of the planet, a dry, arid wasteland, with very little water, yet still contains oxygen, curious this team attempts to land on Earth, but reentry causes the ship to burn up and the pilot looses control and crashes 15km outside the Chernobyl Power Plant, all but one survive the crash unaffected, the individuals name Jason Neeler.

Marooned on the now dry Earth, Jason has to survive by whatever means necessary, but many dangers fill the Earth, Rabbits have grown 10x bigger and their teeth sharp enough to sever a head in milliseconds, Wolves have increased senses, cows feces emits a noxious gas that renders most foes unconscious for hours, and for the few humans to have survived a this time have grouped into bandit clans, and they will chase and kill on sight.

Jason however is a skilled scientist, knowledgeable in many areas including physics, chemistry, geology, hell he managed to complete a survival skills course with flying colours, top of his class in fact, and he puts all of his skills to practical use to survive.

He meets a bandit whom has deserted her clan after newborn child was beat to death, these two form a slight bond akin to something along the lines of ”I enjoy spending time with you”.

She aids Jason in repairing his ship on the condition that she be allowed to depart with him, as it turns out she is gifted with engineering and even admits that because their clan had took over a town with a library, she spent time reading and learning new things.

Jason’s bandit buddies life however was short-lived when her ”mate”(The same one that killed her newborn child) shot her in the head, this guy clearly had ”Leader of his bandit clan” written all over him, and the battle that ensued had high stakes, if Jason wins, he becomes the leader of the clan, but if he does not, then the current leader is allowed to take his ship and use it for whatever purpose the bandit leader likes.

Jason, after a long battle came out on top and by extension now was the new leader of the bandit clan, fearful of the consequences, Jason gets his ship repaired, takes his clan to another exo-planet, similar to earth but with no inhabitants he leaves them with one instruction “Sow The Seed for the future”, and departs for his home planet.

The End

If you read this whole thing, may I say thank you for taking the time to read this.

In all honesty, I am expecting much negativity regarding the story because it’s so generic, and fair, like I said, story isnt a strong skill of mine, but i figured i may as well try to make a good story that could be good for a video game.

Any feedback and/or sugestions is appreciated