Video Game soundtracks

Who is the best video game music composer? A lot of choices here. Video game soundtracks are surprisingly complex these days. Rivaling even film scores. Quite the jump from the old MIDI tracks that used to play back in the 16 bit days. Not to mention they add a lot to the over all experience and game play. Plus, for those studios that can afford a half way decent composer, a good soundtrack is another source of revenue. I love the Skyrim soundtrack and bought it without delay.

Can’t tell you who’s objectively ‘the best’ of course, but my personal favorite is Michael McCann, composer on no less than two of the games on my Top 5 list: Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Magnificently skilled guy who can nail down the tone of an entire world without missing a beat.

Can’t objectively answer that question since different kind of music fits different kinds of games.

Personally, I like the score of Harry Gregson-Williams.
He did Metal Gear Solid.

Oh man do I agree with you here. He did a great job with the music in that game. Epic.