Video game dissertation idea

Hello, I’m a final year student and for my dissertation I have decided to create a first person shooter multiplayer game in Unreal. Now what I need is an idea on what to write my dissertation about. Basically, maybe you can help me end a sentence “I have decided to make a video game, because I want to (research/investigate/evaluate) smth…”
I’m not a pro in Unreal Engine and I’m not sure how easy certain things are done in Unreal Engine, but I was thinking about writing a dissertation related to multiplayer or network or types of connection in video games(Server/LAN/P2P etc.), but I’m not sure if there will be enough material about that in Unreal Engine, because I’m not sure how much does UE4 allow you to work with connection…
Anyways, if you have any research ideas they are all welcome.

Without knowing anything about your current knowledge it is very difficult to give you an idea that you would be able to follow through.
If you are just going to create another generic multiplayer fps why not just analyse an existing game and see how it is made? If you don’t have much experience you are going to spend 99% of the time creating the game that may not even work very well.
If you want to create a game then maybe do a simple web based game and focus on connections or make a simple single player game instead.

A rule of thumb when you are new to making games is to multiply the time you think it will take to make with 100 when you are totally new and then subtract 2 with every month of experience.