(Video Example) -why does my Import Character Rig constantly Vibrate and Spaz out

Video Example.

Why does my Character model Vibrate and convulse like it is doing?
I tried to limit joint rotation abilities, I even tried to Lock them, so that Backbone and all shoulder bones
can not Rotate. but the mesh still flops wildly.
I have no animation information. no pose information.

I was just hoping to figure out how to get a Ragdoll into the game, before trying to learn how to animation and things.

Your video is set to private.

you need to sort out you physicasset this controls the “ragdoll”

the import function created a new physics acesset. i can resize the capsules in the physics acesset window.
any other ideas?

maybe “sort out” means ? change rotation or size or order?
ill see if i can go tinker with capsule rotation.

i feel like your answer “points me in the correct direction maybe”. but honestly, Details ftw X_x.

What Geodav said, but with added link:

Though, come on, you know you could have found it yourself :slight_smile:
You need to disable collision between touching shapes, enable collision for others etc.
There are vids on this aimed towards UDK that are still relevant.

I’ll let you find them and the rest of the documention:

Its kind of hard to search when you dont know what the problem is or what tool your looking for Kriz.
Now that I know about “Phat” i can read up. I had been searching joints and skeleton information. i figured the problem was from the maya side.

“disable collision between touching shapes”. thats a great place to start rading.
thanks for the specific directions, the generic “go search google” is hardly direction at all.