Video Driver crashed and was reset

I’ve installed 4.23 and I keep getting crashes. Error message - "Video driver crashed and was reset! Make sure your video drivers are up to date. Exiting…

I’m running a Gforce Nividia 2070 RTX card and my drivers are up to date. This problem has occurred since I installed the incorrect Nvidia drivers by mistake. I installed the Game Ready drivers and Gforce Experience, which I have since deleted and reinstalled the STudio drivers which are meant for Unreal, but I keep getting these crashes. I’ve spoken to Nividia who say I must contact Epic as its an issue with Unreal. Any help?

did you do a safe mode/DDU uninstall, or did just install the studio drivers over the top? even the “clean install” option leaves crap behind that can mess with driver updates let alone different types of drivers.
there is a misconception on what clean install actually does - it doesn’t clean the previous drivers, but it resets the previous existing user settings and profiles … that’s it
it doesn’t do clean install; it doesn’t remove leftover files; it doesn’t remove leftover registry entries

Yup. that fixed it, thanks alot, I did a proper uninstall using DDU, worked like a charm, massive thanks for the advice, very much appreciated.

  1. Create an updated version of the Map from your source control. 2) Make changes and submit that to source control. 3) Update the corrupted Version. 4) It will run normally now. This solution just worked for me. It’s wise to have two separate versions of your game you update as bugs are overcome.