Video Driver Crash

Am i the only one that has the dev kit crash the video driver constantly? i have been working on a map and something as simple as copying NPC Volumes and pasting them causes my graphics driver to crash, i can restart the dev kit 10 times and it will crash 10 times, then the 11th or whatever other random amount of times i restart it do what its supposed to… If it isnt just me Wildcard REALLY needs to fix this.

Can confirm this is a main problem.
I often get video driver crashes even when saving a mod for later use.

I suspect it’s the same true sky crash the game has. Try clicking on the “Show” button in the viewport and uncheck “Have True Sky Active” and see if that helps. At least in my case it did.

i will try it, just wierd it would cause a crash when doing things like copying volumes or selecting the terrain manipulation tool

Disabling Truesky in editor didnt solve the i ssue unfortunately.