[VIDEO] Drawing Projectile Trajectory

Here are two screenshots of something that i’ve done yesterday. This Blueprint creates Projectile Trajectory when the user holds Right Mouse Button. Only problem is it doesnt follow the user. :frowning:

It also highlights the impact point in red color and have some animations :cool:. I will post a video tomorrow.

Looks Awesome… I look forward to seeing this … Thanks for Sharing

Thanks mate. :slight_smile:

I added a video. Please check it out.

Really nice result, do you mind sharing how you got this working? Does it has something to do with an invisible projectile spawning the blue circles?

Would it not be simpler to draw the trajectory onto the players HUD, and then refresh it every frame? That way it moves with you, others can’t see it, and I imagine it might be cheaper as well.

e: this is not a critique btw., just an idea I had, figured I might do it that way.

how could you draw this to the HUD?

I would assume you’d want to have the trajectory calculate every tick, and then feed the locations of the rings (or the spline, however you do that) to the HUD blueprint, then deproject those coordinates and draw 2D textures.

One solid 2d texture? is there anyway to procedurally generate that?

I think you’d have to draw this and recalculate each tick actually if you’d want it to follow as well as recalculate the trajectory. I was first thinking you could attach it to the actor and follow Z rotations only but there’s still tick calculations needed I guess. Might be slightly quicker though to attach it. Anyway, I still suck at blueprints but there ya go. :slight_smile: