Video doesn't play in packed build on different computer

So i’m having an issue where i have an MP4 video that plays in my game. When I do a build and pack and play it. everything works fine on my computer, However when I transfer that same build to a different computer For more optimal testing the video now just shows a white screen. I tried to do so research to on it but had zero luck with a few different answers from past questions/Forums.

One Person said that Any media files have to be in a folder called “Movies” in the content browser whenever you build but still no luck with that. Im Assuming that it has to do with the file’s path location since it will work on the computer that it was built with.

Any help or comments would be awesome! Thanks

Hey there! Have you tried these settings in Project Settings > Packaging.

So it looks like i’m missing those settings completely. I’m using version 4.21.2

My screenshot is from 4.22 but I don’t think these are new settings. Are you showing all advanced details? (Eyeball dropdown, top right). Another thing you can try is to add the directory where you’re storing your MP4 in the “Additional Asset Directories to Cook” array.

And make sure you’re using relative path, without a drive letter.