[VIDEO + DL] mktwo's Photography Blueprint

mktwo’s Photography Blueprint

What is this?
A basic Pawn Blueprint for taking artsy photos in-game, with controls for various camera and post-processing settings.

What can it do?
Take pictures, both full resolution and double resolution.
Control settings like FOV, Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Depth of Field, Film Grain, etc. while playing.
It derives from the default SpectatorPawn, so you can fly around to get that perfect shot.

What’s included?
The PhotoPawn Class Blueprint, an optional GameMode Blueprint, and a basic DefaultInput.ini file

How do I use it?
See video below


DOWNLOAD HERE](ineedfocus)

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Great work, very cool

Have you been able to create a automatic Bokeh Depth of Field post process effect?

One that auto-focuses?

There was a shader for UDK that worked perfectly but i tried recreating it within UE4 and it doesn’t work

Excellent work :cool:

Thanks guys, and CharlestonS, I haven’t made it auto-focus yet, but I could probably put something like that together :slight_smile:

That would be Awesome mktwo, i send you a personal message in Youtube also.
Could you also please put some screenshots over the Blueprint for this funktion?

Keep up the good work!


@mktwo did you ever do that auto fokus for bokenh?

Hey, is it still possible to download this somewhere?