Video "cutscenes" work for me but not for people I send the game to.

Hey, first time posting here.

I’ve just about finished up a 2D side scroller using the 2D Paper Sprite features. I playtested it and playtested it and for now, with the time I have left, it’s a pretty solid alpha. In between each of my 4 levels is a cutscene, which plays through the Media Player. Audio stream and video stream are separate files but in the editor and when I played the packaged version of the game, everything works just fine.

Part of my assignment is documenting playtesting and feedback from other people and making changes based on that, so I went ahead and sent the zip to a few people in my game circles. Each of them had the same issue, one which I cannot replicate on my end - the transition cutscene between level 1 and level 2 plays only audio, and leaves them with a black screen, and then level 2 fails to load.

I’ve tried repackaging and replaying the files I sent, but everything works just fine for me. I can’t understand why, when all the content is in the same folders, and the directories are the same, why I am getting no issues at all.

I would appreciate some guidance, because I can’t seem to find anything on Google that could help me. Thanks in advance!

did you put the video files in /Content/Movies Folder ? overwise they may not be packaged

As far as I know. Each video file is in the project’s Content/Movies folder, and when I imported the videos into Unreal, they also went into the Content/Movies folder. There was a checkbox in the Packaging settings about excluding videos and packaging only the ones I specified, but when I tried this, my startup movie didn’t package.