Video courses from the training center on Youtube

Greetings all!

Can you please tell me if all these videos from the learning center ( are available on Youtube?

Hey LoweBowe,

There’s a ton of tutorials and webinars on the Unreal youtube channel. Not sure if they have the learning center videos uploaded, but it’s still a terrific way to get some knowledge as a beginner.

Another great way to expand your knowledge is through Unreal documentation. There’s an absolute insane amount of info there.

Hope these help! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your response.
The thing is, I don’t speak English well enough, and I have a voice translation on YouTube, so I perceive what the author says much better.
And I would like to see a video specifically on Building Block Based Game.

On the Unreal Engine YouTube channel I could not find a video on these keys.

If you can upload official videos on this topic, I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

They do have captions in three other languages.
Maybe watching them on mobile with a live translator might help, I know Android has that.

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Hey @Farstud,

It would be my pleasure to help in any way I can. Could you elaborate on what you mean by apps?


Great salute!

Is this a third-party application or is it built into the Android operating system?

Unreal documentation is terrible what do you mean

Hi @PresumptivePanda! Thank you for this! They are indeed helpful. I’m going to open a youtube channel about classic rock music, and I’m gathering all info and knowledge I should know. My friend who’s into this stuff also recommended this link: Buy Youtube Subscribers | Only Awesome Quality said their services could be helpful in the beginning. Do you consider it appropriate to buy subscribers/views? Does it’s so hard to develop an audience with your forces? I’d also be grateful if you’ll suggest some other useful apps that will ease my work.

Google has an app for it, just called google translate.
It does 8 languages realtime, and 100 are supported.

I would say it’s better to not waste 200 dollars to get 4K subscribers, and jsut try to get recognition. For example, if you’re doing classic rock, maybe you know how to build an instrument. Contact creators bigger than you and then say “hey I’ll build something for you, I just want some Channel recognition”. You’ll get name brand instead of just starting from scratch. Plus, subscribers don’t matter as much as view count, look at pewds. He has 110 mil but his channel is barely promoted in the algorithim. Then mr beast, 70 mil views per video, but half the subs.