[VIDEO] Coherent UI is amazing!

Special Thanks to Angel Venkov and Rama, I now have access to Coherent UI. Just now i finished installing Coherent UI and ran the FPS Sample. Installation is hassle-free and extremely easy. The setup will do all the necessary things. Literally it took only about 3 or 4 minutes to install, build and run everything.

First thing i have to tell is, i can already see Coherent UI as a perfect replacement for Scaleform. Just a few more things exposed to Blueprints and it will be the best UI solution for UE4 available.

If anyone out here plans to get Coherent-UI, I can guarantee you its the best you can get. There’s no need to look for another. Coherent-UI + Adobe Edge Animate is exactly like Scaleform + Adobe Flash in UDK.

Here is a basic guide on Coherent-UI in UE4;

Yeah it is great. But I still can’t see why they have to charge monthly. Their Unity plugin is a pay once package so I say no to it for now.
It should not be a monthly fee.

12.99 a month for a ui program, excuse my french but no way in hell.

Wow is that price for everyone on the team? I remember the bad thing about the Unity plugins is that they were per seat. Which made the upfront costs of a project go up for indies.

I can’t justify over half of Unreal Engine’s cost for an UI extension, either. Sorry.

Yeah I’m personally going to wait on UMG. But Coherent UI looks really impressive though

Well, don’t forget the 5% royalty. But I agree, It’s a bit much.

Ryanjon, I’ve sent you a PM. Thanks

I’ve replied to your PM. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Got everything sorted.

CoherentUI is amazing. All I need now is to figure out how to pass cursor movement and clicks/keypresses to the UI!

Hi Crow87,

Please see the first post. I posted a video.

Hey guys,

we made a short demo reel of our integration in UE4. We took the Shooter Game provided by Unreal Engine and put an alternative HUD that replaces the one made with Slate.

The UI elements that you’ll see in the HUD are: animated HP bar, animated ammo count, kill counter, current weapon indicator and a detailed kill log.

The Demo also glances at the possibilities of using UI elements in the 3D game world. First, we open an inventory, where we change our primary weapon, after which we hit a UI button to “take the elevator” and go to a secret location in the level. Of course the latest can be used for different kind of player interaction (e.g door handlers, monitor screens, etc.)

The two way UI binding (game -> HTML and HTML -> game) is done all in blueprints without a single line of C++. The only thing that is done in C++ is broadcasting events for when health or ammo is changed.

Hope you guys will like the vide, we’ll be making a series of tutorials on how we did it :slight_smile:


Looks great avenkov!

CUI looks really nice and it does integrate very nicely but I’m still absolutely and completely baffled by the pricing restrictions in their terms of service. I spent last weekend building a simple HUD and random UI elements for Rift integration and it all worked pretty seamlessly. Starting to wonder if they’re ever going to get their subscription plan running too, almost been 2 months since they announced it.

not to mention that their terms of service places pricing restrictions on your product sales price AND any micro-transactions/DLC/subscriptions that accompanies it on top of the royalty requirement… They place more restrictions on their UI than Epic does on the entire engine : \

I’m going to hang out for UMG