Video Clip: "Prologue (Golden Sun)" arrangement from the Virtual Video Game Orchestra

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the game Golden Sun, the Virtual Video Game Orchestra released an arrangement of “Prologue” by Jonathan Shaw.
The Virtual Video Game Orchestra (VVGO) is an orchestra that consist of musicians from all over the world, who record their parts (audio and video) from home. The audio gets mixed into a wonderful track and from the video this clip is created.

The whole video is build in Unreal 4.26 and partially done in UE5 (intro and ending). The highlight is a fully visible orchestra near the end of the video. Which can play realtime in the editor for easy editing/creating shots.

I made a blueprint for the frames showing video. Which gives me easy control over what should be visible by changing the UV’s of the texture used. There is an debug option that will show numbers inside of the frames, which is used as a reference for the video editors. The video textures are created outside of Unreal via a special workflow I created in premiere for VVGO.