video card

Hello guys, i want to buy a new video card, i want to buy Radeon RX 580, but i’m afraid if i will buy amd, i won’t be able to use Nvidia technologies such as APEX PhysX, etc or i will get artifacts. Are there people who are working with Amd video card ? Do you have some problems with this ? Thank you

It all works with AMD cards. But as for the model, is this the cheapest per performance at your place? I mean, where I leave this model is expensive as hell because of cryptomining, GTX 1070 is superior and sometimes same price depending where you live.

PS: just checked stores in Brazil and they are really more expensive than GTX 1070

Yes :slight_smile: it’s much cheaper in my country than gtx 1070 or 1060, there is a discount ther. I was very afraid that i won’t able to use Nvidia Technologies such as Apex clothes and others. But you reassured me :slight_smile: thank you

There’s nothing included in UE4 that requires an Nvidia graphics card, they specifically designed it that way.

Thank you very much, so you mean i will able to use this technologies GameWorks VisualFX Overview | NVIDIA Developer . This will be processed by CPU or GPU? if i will use Amd card

Those technologies are not included within UE4, if you want to use them you have to get the available branch from Nvidia that has it integrated, some of those features work just fine on AMD cards while others require an Nvidia card.

Thank you :slight_smile: