Video card overheating

Hi, i have a nvidia quadro p4000. When use it with UE5 i recive message of overheating of my videocard. As i do to resolv this problem? If i add another videocard pquadro i resolve my problem, subdividing the calculate in two cpu?
Also do you know if the p4000 supports raytracing?

Hi @samusam22,
The p4000 supports raytracing. However, to use Nanite and Lumen in UE5, have the ray trace is turned off and even then it’s only used if you don’t use Nanite or Lumen.
If you look at Windows Task Manager and scroll down to GPU and look at the degrees C. I suggest you sort out the dust in the fans in you PC case as that’s what makes Graphics cards overheat NOT SOFTWARE :slight_smile: :rofl:


Ok tnks, I’ll clean up my case tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Nvidia quadro should never be bought unless your doing CAD or something, not general computation, your spending more money for a slower product. Buying another older GPU to run in SLI to make it run faster, well, theres a reason that was removed. Just clean out your rig, should run brand new.

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Hi, after clearing the case and updating the driver video card I had no more problems

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