Video Card or Ram? Or neither

Hi guys! I had a Radeon 6850, I sold it and bought a R9 280x 3Gb, and Ram I have 12 (not dual channel), and I received an offer of a GTX 1060 6Gb for a below-average price for a friend. If I buy the video card I run out of money, especially because now I am unemployed, but I could buy the memory ram and do dual channel, what do you think? Do I buy one or do I expect my situation to improve?

I would suggest you bump ram from 12 to 16 and keep the rest of the money for a rainy day. That is if your aim is game development and you consider it more than a hobby. If you want to use your system primarily for gaming then get the card. That’s a decent card should be good for a couple of years yet.

In either case don’t play into this dual channel nonsense. it provides no tangible benefit worth the cost outside of some rare high performance server scenarios.

If you’re unemployed and low on money, I don’t see how a very mild upgrade to your computer will add any value to your situation.

I develop just fine with a dying 7870 that I had to underclock to keep alive. There’s no reason you have develop while in full resolution and ultra graphic settings. I set the editor/project to cap at 60fps so that editing and play test is smooth.

Going from a 280 to a 1060 isn’t much of an improvement. And 12gb to 16gb ram also isn’t much of an improvement either.

Thank you for the answers! I’ll stay where I am then.