Video Card choices

I’m looking at build a new computer this year to help with the development of an indie game in Unreal (my current setup is a tad dated) what I am looking at video card wise is a RTX 2080 or a Radeon VII. I know that Nvidia is the darling of unreal so to speak but with the much lower memory on the RTX 2080 vs the Radeon VII and Unreal’s support for Direct x 12 I’m kind of wondering what those that might have used those cards think. Ray tracing isn’t something I am interested in and probably won’t be for a while.

I am still waiting for the AMD release of their Navi generation this Q3 and decide for the purchase as soon some 3rd party reviews get online.

I’d still go with the 2080, I suspect we’ll see Raytracing features specifically designed for development very soon. Such as lightmass preview and faster lightmass baking.

Nvidia is expected to release a RTX cards refresh :…pu-ddr6-clocks
Unless you absolutely need 2080 performance to play games a 2070 would be more than enough for development at 1080p and above if you don’t plan using raytracing. You could save money and wait for the next generation of GPUs to be released in 2020. Intel Xe GPU is expected to be released next year so Nvidia would probably release their new architecture too shortly after or at the same time. If the Intel Xe proves to be a valid competitor against Nvidia prices could drop too and customers would be getting more performance with less money.