*VIDEO* Basic Modular Building Pieces Model Set and Building Construction Script 'magic_wall'

I’m creating a set of models and script for building modular houses/buildings.

This is an attempt to make this aspect of level editing more feasible without leaving the UE4 level editor, I noticed a lot of people getting started with UE4 want to build modular, but don’t know the complexities of lightmapping and mesh setup for work on a grid – I hope this set and tools can help out these people.

The tool includes a section for randomization, so buildings can be generated with ease and control.

The set of models includes a lot of basic shapes for walls, walls with holes for window/door meshes, window/door meshes, edges and trim.
Sizes of the models vary, but in general the size of a wall element is 150 or 300 units in width, and walls are meant to be built with a thickness of 20.

All the models are unwrapped for textures, include lightmap UVs, and are set up to snap on the UE4 grid.

I’m currently working on staircases, roof peak variations, edge effect materials, a set of default materials, as well as variations of windows and doors so a user can get started quickly with variation and complete buildings with multiple levels.

I just made a youtube video covering some features of the pack- take a look for more information!

Sadly, buildings built with the script cannot currently be ‘merged’ with the new actor merging functionality, I’m looking for a way around this (while still using instanced static meshes within a construction script). If anyone has ideas I’m all ears. At this point, a significant number of draw calls are used if a wall is built with the script. A user must build the content themselves using the modular static meshes in order for merging to work correctly.

Nonetheless, I think this is/will be a great tool for mocking up buildings for levels or concept art.

Questions, comments, thoughts? I’d love to hear it all!
I’d like to release all this content for $9.99 once everything is optimised and the single included material set is finalized.

Ignore the low quality screencaps at the moment, I have yet to build a full scene with this method, I’m just finishing debugging at this stage.