[VIDEO] Ballroom

Hey folks!

After watching the teaser for the next-gen Assassin’s Creed I wondered what the ballroom you see at the beginning would look like in UE4. So I did a little over the weekend project and here’s the result, hope you enjoy :]




Ahh geez, outstanding man! Nice work.

The light coming through the windows makes it look so life-like!

Very realistic, well done!

is there a texture resource im missing? or would you care to share how you imported all that into UE4 (nice job by the way that looks )

Very Impressive!

Wow! Now that’s impressive ! And you said that you made this over the weekend ? Cant imagine what you can produce in on month :smiley: . Amazing work !

Great work. There’s some noticeable screen tearing in the video though, v-sync might help or recording at a different fps. Or it might just be the vimeo-web player on my end.

Thanks for all the kind words!

@McTurbo: I got most of the textures from http://cgtextures.com/

@Theron: Yep, all done in two days ;]

@vectorealms: I assume it’s your web player since I don’t get any tearing.

Incredible work! Very inspiring, well done!

Daaaaamn son! That’s incredible.

Very very nice sir!

Incredible and outstanding!!

Very impressive work!

Impressive :o

Holy, you’re already featured on Kotaku ! Mapper Flawlessly Recreates Scene from Assassin’s Creed Unity Trailer

It’s great, on the news! I’ve caught some ideas for my video :wink:

That’s very cool, good job!

Simply perfect!

Very impressive!!!