Video artifacts in media player (bug?)

I’ve imported by MP4-video using x264 as recommended by Epic on the wiki. However, in the unreal video player it is very distorted. The sound is ok, but the video looks like this:

I’ve tried the video in the Content Examples project and it works without any problem. I thought maybe my video was faulty in some way, so I asked someone else to import it. They were able to import and view it without any problem. Then I thought maybe it was my project, but I got the same issue when I tried to import it to the Content Examples-project (same version). Any ideas on how this could be caused?

The video can be downloaded here (public domain); Screenshot - 39561cdadd4d4388db6f433f52280b12 - Gyazo

This was a limitation in 4.15. The player requires the video width to be a multiple of 16. It was fixed in 4.15, which supports arbitrary video resolutions.

In 4.15, the fix is to encode the video with a width that is a multiple of 16 pixels, for example: 1088 instead of 1080 pixels.