Video and tracking delay issue

Hey, guys! I’m doing a virtual production with a chromocay based on ue4 and HTC vive. Most of the process is complete and the results are good, but now I’m facing a problem and I’m asking for your help and advice. The problem is the delay between the chromakey video and the tracker data. I was able to solve it by slowing down the tracker through the array, where I can specify the number of delayed frames. But I decided to go ahead and get rid of
the noise in the data that I get with Vive Tracker. This noise leads to unpleasant shaking of the virtual camera due to any movement around.
I made through blueprints a simple stabilizer on with an adjustable level of stabilization. And it works perfectly. But when I turn on the stabilizer, the data from the tracker slows down too much and there is a gap between the chromakey video and the movement of the virtual camera. This happens even if I disable tracker deceleration via the array.

I transmit the signal from the camera via Blackmagic Declink 8K Pro and BM Mini Converter HDMI - SDI if I deal with HDMI cameras. But when I set the Delay Frames or Delay Time option in the Media Bundle or Media Player settings, it doesn’t work. Or I’m doing something wrong. Passing the timecode also doesn’t help, because in the end I don’t see the synchronized video and the movement of the virtual camera in viewport.
Are there any ways to make a controlled video delay in unreal engine to keep everything in sync? Or do I need to stream the video signal to unreal through another program (like NDI) and set the delay there? I attach a screenshot with the stabilizer and the tracker delay! 111|690x388

How does this stabilizer work?