Victus Vincimus: Veteran's Revenge - USS Nimitz, Largest Aircraft Carrier (VR)

: Veteran’s Revenge (The Under Siege Mission) featuring The USS Nimitz in VR.


"Congratulations on your assignment to the finest aircraft carrier in the fleet. The crew and I look forward to your arrival aboard NIMITZ and welcome you to the finest carrier crew in the Navy. Your assignment onboard NIMITZ will be the most challenging and fulfilling of your Naval career.

NIMITZ is the lead ship in her class and also the benchmark for excellence in our Navy’s cadre of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.

Named for one of our nation’s greatest military leaders, Fleet Admiral Chester W. NIMITZ, your ship has a proud and distinguished history in the service of our nation and the crew prides itself on being ready to rapidly respond to any world crisis."

Watch the VR Environment Demo here: