Victorian style office project

Hello again. This time I am going to build a victorian style office environment. I am trying to learn how to light stuff well and ofc to model and texture stuff better. Please give me feedback as I progress. This might take a while.

I have a couple assets almost ready with textures


I finally got my bookshelf half done :slight_smile:


I finally made a table that I am happy with.

Looks good so far! Keep up the great work.

It has been a long time, but I am back at trying to finish this scene. The assets and textures are about 50% done and I am now trying to set the mood for lighting.
The phone pops out for some reason. I have tweaked the roughness and diffuse brightness a lot but it still just seems out of place. Might be the bounce lights
from the windows that are highlighting it.

Pitkästä aikaa.jpg

Some more progression and baked lighting practice. To make things go faster I used some substance source materials as a base for textures.
I still need to get rid of the lighting splotches on the walls and need more props like books. The back needs more light too. I might have to modify the lightmass.ini to get max quality or maybe post process will be the answer.


More stuff done. I will use indoor lighting more and not that much outdoor light. I am modeling a chandelier now.

I think this is done now. Here are some final pictures.