Victorian Modular Environment + FREE Breakdown

Hello friends!!

This is the result of the thesis I made during this summer for the MSc 3D Computer Games Design at Staffordshire University.

First of all, I would like to link my progress thread where I got a lot of awesome feedback and there you can see how the project started :smiley:

Some screenshots to show you the project!!

And finally, I took some pages of the theory part that it is kind of a breakdown of the workflow I followed in this project. I hope it is useful to anyone :smiley:

Here it is in gumroad (it is FREE, I can keep track of the downloads and how people like it ). Just click the image

Here it is also the link to my artstation where I’m slowly uploading my other works :smiley:

Finally I would like to add that I will post the UE4 project for free too, I just need to change some lighting and maybe make a night scene.


Some grey fog, grunge details, and ornamentation would make this a great start for a steam punk city.

Thanks for the feedback!! :slight_smile:

Here they are some screenshots of different buffer modes in UE4:

Detail Lighting:

Normal maps:

Ambient Occlussion:


This is sweet! Can’t wait to play with it. Just needs some cars or man hole covers (those existed in Victorian era right?) to fill in some street space.

It looks like there’s a manhole cover in there already, left side of the intersection. As for cars mass production didn’t begin until after the era and the small amount that did exist actually looked like horse carriages.

Oh we need Victorian or at least Edwardian characters and horse and buggies badly. I hope someone steps up. I’m trying to do some characters from Daz to UE but that isn’t going all that well. With this level someone has to do it, as everyone who buys this will want one.