Victorian Dinning Room Pack

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We are proud to introduce our Victorian style banquet hall, a beautifully crafted interior environment pack. Featuring dining room props, light fixtures, furniture, fireplace, and paintings.
Technical Details

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size: 2048 - 4096
Collision: Yes, generated in engine
Vertex Count Examples: Paintings 400, Chair 4.5k, Blank Wall 160, Chandelier 8k, Fireplace 5.5k, Fork 380, Blank Cieling 72, etc
LODs: No
Number of Meshes: 32
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 42
Number of Textures: 108 (Albedo,Compact{R=Metallic,= Roughness, B=AO}, Normal)
Platforms Tested: Desktop PC

Contact and Support

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Dunno why (post process or low res?) your screenies here look blurry at some places…anyway the pack look great to me, gg :wink:

I noticed that as well, (I thought it was me going crazy). Not sure why some look that way and others dont. Anyway thanks for the comment!