VHFM: Any plans on streamlining it?

In it’s current state, setting up virtual heightfields are a royal pain. It’s not hard, it’s just 500 clicks of creating, changing settings and refactoring materials to use them, only to realize you forgot to convert something from tangent space to world space and back. I get that it’s still an experimental feature, but the need for it to be functional now is pretty important.

The need for higher resolution geometry for landscape details is not going to go away. Even in ultra detailed world building, the need for a traditional landscape is probably still going be there. You aren’t always going to want to paint 50 million nanite meshes to create a roadside, but you’re still probably always going to want to be able to detail the road with some basic geometric detail. Now that tessellation is gone, this is the only real solution to use. Especially for those migrating assets that previously used displacement maps, where they don’t have the option to simply export some higher resolution mesh of something.

Are there any plans to integrate it into a simpler workflow so that we can avoid these workflow problems?

Not sure about Epic themselves, but OpenLand over on the Marketplace has a very simple few clicks solution for VHFM that works great! Does 95% of the work for you. It has lots of other benefits besides VHFM too.