VFX [WIP] fire, water, explosion, waterfall

Now I have new and improved version of fire (as a result of forum advice). Please set all video to 720p and disregard animations as they’re not fully implemented or related to my VFX.

Sorry for the re-post, deleted the original erroneously.

I’m still seeing the same thing but anyway keep trying. Good luck.

I think I do see a certain U-shaped dip a few times in a row for the first 4 seconds or so, but then it goes away afterward for most of the video. I’ll tweak away and see if I can prevent that.

The main strong repetition I’m still seeing is a sort of pulsing that has a very set regularity, almost like a heartbeat. I’ll play around with particle lifetime to see if that helps spice things up.

It’s very unfortunate that Unreal 4 doesn’t have the option to randomly flip particles horizontally for added variety like you could in UDK. I get the feeling such a feature would go a long way towards efficiently polishing up repetitious shapes in image sequences.