VFX Sword Trail

Hello there,

I’m working on 2D Game and i was about to make some sword trails for every attack. I’m really new in this so I thought I’ll use Particle system or Niagara for that and spawn it with different rotations, but i have no experience with it at all. I wanted to follow up some tutorials but there are none on youtube except CGHOW but his videos are more tutorials for people that know how to work with it already. Also he’s mumbling and i don’t understand him a word. I had no problem setting up a material for that but i don’t know how to make it as a sword slash.

I was searching for hours and hours so I’d like to ask if you guys have any articles or some videos that could help me with that. I tried UE tutorials but that didn’t really help me much with this. I could probably paint those effects but if possible i’d rather do it the other way.

Or some other program which i could use for that.

Hey there.

Have you looked at this series?

Or if your budget allows, M5VFXRPG.1 Guide - How to Setup Trail blueprint on Vimeo .

Hope that helps!