VFX specialists, Animators, Sound engineers, UI specialist and more for startup [Protect & Serve]


Project Title****:**

Protect & Serve (Title may change)


To simplify this is an open world police simulation game. The player can follow a story or just play freely, it aims to create dynamic gameplay with a variety of events and situations that the player faces as a member of law enforcement. The final goal is to have a 50 square kilometre map with both urban and rural environments to help create an immersive and realistic feeling as well as contributing to more variation of the in-game events.

This type of game is something I and many others have wished for a long time, there actually was a game in development that was very successfully funded but the owner cancelled it.

I consider myself as a really creative person with good leadership abilities but I lack the necessary skills to produce anything good using Unreal Engine completely by myself.
The main purpose now is to create a viable demo in order to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign, in order to pay you for your work as soon as possible.

We are looking for professional developers as well as students and enthusiasts of different experience levels that can join us and work part or fulltime on the project.

For more details feel free to contact me andreass#3454 (Discord) or at [EMAIL=“”]

Team Name:

Atlas Game Studios

Team Structure:

Andreas Salomonsson (Project manager and Game Design)

Project Management, entrepreneurship, communication.

Previous Work:

This will be our first title.

Talent Required:

VFX Specialist

  • The ability to create and integrate realistic visual effects

Animator (Any type)

  • Ability to animate and/or rig, vehicles, NPCs and/or tools/weapons.

Sound engineer

  • The ability to create and integrate realistic sounds into the game

3D Artist (Any type)

  • Ability to create 3D objects and/or customize existing objects
  • Can optimize models for game use (low poly).
  • Expected to create/customize interiors and/or exteriors, vehicles, characters, weapons, tools.

Programmer (Blueprint/C++)

  • Program NPC behaviour and/or core game functionality, vehicles, environment

UI Specialist

  • Create UI like inventory, main menu etc

2D Artist (Any type)

  • Create art and/or 2D resources
  • Experience with the UE4 toolset.


Under construction



E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]