VFX Grenade pack v2

Hello all!
Version 2 of the grenade pack for 4.8 has released.

In this update:

  • LODs for all the grenade effects
  • a light weight version (LT) of the effects for a larger range of use.
  • a level to test the LT and regular versions with a level blueprint to spawn and throw the grenades. (Hit G to throw the regular version, hit H to throw the LT versions.)

Please let me know if you want anything else in the grenade pack and please rate and comment!

Marketplace link:

Video link:


Good stuff. :slight_smile:
I totally like the effects.
The only thing that looks a little off to me is the scales. For example the water splashes are very big compared to the person next to it. The water drops are almost the size of the character’s head I think.

Good work.

I’ve submitted files for 4.9, but the grenade pack seems to convert fine.