VFX for a rotating platform over lava (triggering attached blueprints)

So, here’s the problem: I have a balancing platform sitting a bit over lava. The platform can tilt all the way around the central point and dip into the lava. I want to trigger a smoke particle whenever and wherever the platform sinks into the lava. However, the platform is circular, and it can sink into a number of different sides at different times. I tried multiple ways to solve this problem, but they all involved using a bunch of attached blueprint actors that are set to go off when they touch another blueprint trigger volume. For some reason, because the blueprints are attached, the cast fails, and the volume can only retrieve the parent blueprint object, not its attached components.

I’ve tried everything from basic attachments in the editor to ridiculous variables and arrays of attachments in blueprints and I can’t get any of this to work. Now I think I ought to just read the rotation of the object and spawn particles instead. But if anyone can help me find a workaround that is sure to work, I’d greatly appreciate it!