VFX, environment artists, hardbody modelers, and writers needed for Unannounced Project.

Project Title:**
Unannounced VR Spaceship Shooter

Unannounced VR Spaceship Shooter is a choose-your-own adventure space opera game designed for high end VR platforms. We’re using next generation machine learning based AI systems to create a new gameplay paradigm where you talk directly to characters to advance the story.

  • Talk to characters using natural language - No dialogue wheels!
  • Shooting and combat elements.
  • Live action actors

Team Name:
Human Interact.

Previous Work:
Team is a variety of Game developers at AAA game companies for 8+ years.
Alexander Mejia - Saints Row/Red Faction Series
Frank Petrikis - Mass Effect, Tomb Raider series
Byron Evora - Telltale Series, XCOM Series
Jeff Harris - Saints Row Series

Talent Required:
These positions we want you to have experience using UE4.

  • VFX Artist - Cascade, scripting, making things look pretty
  • Enviroment Artist - Space Scape backgrounds, lighting, We are a SM 5.0 game.
  • Gameplay Designers - General gameplay scripting in BP and C++
  • Hardbody Modelers - Need Mesh+Materials created based off of Concept art to be made and optimized to run in UE4

These positions we will Train you how to use the Unreal 4 Engine

  • Writers - Implementing spoken lines using our custom tools

Full time contract work for at least 4 months. We will supply you with VR hardware if needed.

About us:

Human Interact started in 2016 by Emmy Award winning producer and creative director, Alexander Mejia. His goal: To create high quality experiences in Virtual Reality.

We are a human-focused company. Instead of asking, “What can you do for Human Interact?”, we ask, “What can we do to help you achieve your goals?” When employees’ goals are aligned with ours, we become a stronger, more effective team.

No one wants to reach the company milestones if they cannot achieve their own. So in practice, we max out at 6.5 hour deep workdays, encourage exercise during work hours, pipeline and scope work out before committing to schedules, and offer life coaching for team members. When opportunities arise that require long hours, everybody is on point to help the team, because the team has met their needs. This paradigm shift in how we do work helps us complete our product with less waste, more efficiently.

We believe in fostering purpose, not forcing crunch. We re-energize our bodies instead of wasting away sitting down. We provide a livelihood, not merely a paycheck.

When Humans come first, everything else follows.

Send us your reel, and any example work + a CV/Resume to:

Any chance you could tell me what kind of vfx you will need, as it can be extremely broad for “space” and “scifi”

We’re looking for VFX for Missile, and laser fire, Impacts from missile and laser fire, ship engines,and faster than light travel effects just to start. We work pretty collaboratively and we’re open to your valuable feedback for what else we might need. Send me an email with your reel and CV and we’ll get back to you.