VFX Artist

We are currently looking to hire a part time VFX Generalist with 2-4 years of experience in UE4 and ideally Unity as well. This position would cover a number of projects, most of them realistic but some stylized ones might come up in the future. We should be able to keep you relatively busy for a while and ideally into the future as we are looking for a VFX person that we can rely on for all current and future projects.

In terms of what we look for it usually boils down to the following:

About You

  • Great communicator - Someone that keeps us up to date with regular updates on discord so we know what you’re up to and how you are progressing
  • **Iterative and Reference based workflow: **The best workflow that we’ve found is one that starts off with reference videos and images from other games and movies and the progresses from there in an iterative manner, especially at the start of a task. We would rather make small incremental changes at the start than big changes at the end because we weren’t able to follow along with your progress
  • **Good with guidance and feedback: ** Some projects are relatively hands off, others will have an art director guiding it a bit more closely. We are looking for people that enjoy working with others and receiving feedback without taking it personally

About your work

  • **Quality: **We’re looking for a relatively high level of quality here, perhaps not quite at the level of a full AAA title but pretty close
  • **Speed: **As with most things in game dev there are many ways to skin a cat and many shortcuts and techniques that can be used to speed up a workflow without sacrificing quality. We have found some folks over the years that take 4-5x the time to create the same effect as someone else because they’ve stopped looking for ways to become more efficient while others have made this an ongoing goal in their career. It is those types of people that we are looking for
  • **Performance: **More than just looking good, it has to perform well. We need folks that know the in’s and out of how optimization and knows how to walk that fine line between quality and performance as well as common sense practices of what not to do when it comes to making particle systems and the like in a real time environment.

Please send your demo reel and linkedin profile to

We have a few more jobs that need even more help in this department so bumping for visibility.

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