Veteran character/prop/hard surface artist (flexible w/ INDIE rates) 10 yrs work exp.


I’m a full-time freelance digital sculptor/3d character artist from the Philippines with 10
yrs. work experience in the film and video gaming industry. I have contributed digital art
services to numerous AAA next-gen game titles, 3d print products, film and animated

I having worked on such titles like Bioshock Infinite, EA’s NCAA football 2010 and Uncharted
2 and many more other AAA titles. I have also worked on a lot of main characters for indie
games in the course of my 5 year freelance career.

Apart from that, my work has been featured in many publications, online galleries and have
won awards.

Please have a look at my portfolio at

Here are some samples,

Feel free to contact me at

Please avoid private messaging me,

Here are some more, available for freelance.

vigilante soldier2.jpg

I can do hard surface modeling for both game and animated film. Lopoly or highpoly displacement mapping workflow.
Have a look, I am available for more freelance work.

By the way, I am available as [LFW] [PAID] not just [contract/paid] if that makes any difference.

Here’s some more stuff I did for NCAA football 2010.

The ultimate antihero is here. Meet Vigilante Soldier.
Inspired by the protagonists of Uncharted and Farcry comes my own version of the ultimate bad-***.

I’m also selling this model as a hires multi million mesh for 50USD, this model is meant for those who want a high quality model and then get an artist to turn it or customize it into their own final low poly game version or for other 3d artists simply wanting to expand their model library set. You are free to use them in any of your projects so long as the content is not the primary focus. (i.e. it needs to be a game, video, simulation etc.) You cannot resell the assets as part of an asset pack or individually to other developers.

The zbrush 4R7 ZTL file will have all layers and subdivs intact containing the following,

  • Anatomically detailed muscular man w/uvs (base mesh is game ready and bake of normal maps)
  • marvelous designer+sculpted tank shirt w/uvs
  • marvelous designer+sculpted cargo pants w/uvs
  • BPR fibermesh(non converted to geo yet)
  • cuban cigar
  • radio
  • dogtags necklace
  • christian earring
  • tattered rag cloth tied around arm
  • military belt
  • military harness
  • 4 utility pouches
  • Utility belt
  • worn out boots
  • gloves
  • pack of cigarretes
  • numerous leather velcrow straps and
  • Magnum bullets
  • .500 Magnum
  • gun and knife holster
  • 2 grenades
  • combat knife

If you need all those objects as OBJ file and not want the zbrush file I’ll also give those to you.

Please email me at if you want it.

I am also available for more freelance work.

More views here

Here’s a sneak peak of what I’m currently working on…
Available for more work!


By the way, happy mother’s day to all just about 4 days ago.
My mom in CG.

finalrender 3qtr sml.jpg

I PM’d you the other day.

Just like to show you guys something personal I finished working on this year.

See more views here,

This is to demonstrate my hard surface modeling capabilities.

I’d just like to show this staff picked model of mine over at sketchfab in their very own 3d viewer.

Also I am still selling my antihero Vigilante Soldier for 50usd. See more views of him here,

Once again I am available for more freelance work!

I am currently available for more work so
Here’s the wizard I did for Bard’s Tale IV for their kickstarter pitch video which helped successfully fund the game.

Here’s the in-game model.


Anyone see the crowdfunded trailer yet of Wasteland 3 sometime late last year? I was the one who did the profanity cursing punk in the video except for his face.

And here are some shots

Still available for freelance :slight_smile:

And yes, I also do and take a liking on doing environmental game work such as this table coral for some folks over at zynga.
table coral 3.jpgtable coral 2.jpgtable coral1.jpg

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more work.

Here’s a wip of personal art I am currently working on my spare time since I am looking for more paid work at the moment.
So please don’t hesitate to contact me :slight_smile:

amy hair dwn final rev.jpg

Bumping as I am still available for more work!