Very weird issue using Matinees

Not sure why this is doing this. When I play the game I have to look at where I placed my balloon asset or else it wont play the matinee for some reason. Here is a video showing what I mean: - YouTube

I have my matinees set up with simple scale and animation. My level blueprint looks like this:

Why is it taking my camera angle into account when just playing the matinee? Thanks in advance!

Is it not playing the Matinee or is it just not showing the balloon because you arent looking at it when you play Matinee? Is the balloon a particle emitter?

Check out the video. The balloon is a skeletal mesh with an animation. If I am not looking at where I placed the balloon initially in the scene it doesn’t seem to either play the matinee or show the balloon, I’m not sure which because I don’t know how to check if the matinee played or not.

I did check out the video but the video didnt tell if it was Matinee not playing or just the balloon not appearing. If it is a skeletal mesh i assume setting Mesh Component Update Flag to Always Tick Pose and Refresh Bones in Details panel of the balloon > Skeletal Mesh tab should fix the problem.

Well! Thank You SO Much! Im glad it was such an easy fix, if you put an answer with what you told me Ill mark is as correct, again THANK YOU!

Happy to help!