Very Stressed, Can I get advice?

Ok guys…I Googled till my eyes and fingers about to pop and I cant find Animal referance scatches or photos!!! UGGGG… I need the 4 view poses, Like Left,Right,back,front T poses, every time i google I get all types of random pictures, I cant model a woman/man or animal with CRAZY poses and BAD angles!! :frowning: Im not a modeler/artisest so I need the help! Anyone got a website or know a artist who could help me?

You mean like this??

You can find more online keep looking, keyword: “blueprints”

Thanks! :slight_smile:

No need to get stressed, fella. These things take time :wink: For human modelling, I personally use It is subscription based, but you’ll no doubt be able to find many of them on Google, and they do include some free samples. They’re absolutely fantastic, allowing for near perfect proportions and can be used for texturing purposes. Two birds, one stone.

You’ll be able to find plenty through search terms such as ‘model sheet’, ‘model reference’ and so forth, as well.

You might try this…It works good with blender…

There are some good tutorials here by KingBadger3d to check out…

Hope this helps…CO