Very strange slot animation problem!

Every time I play a slot animation on the ‘default slot’ the whole character moves down 50 cm then back up.

  • This happens with all animations I import recently.

  • The animations that are already in my project don’t do it.

  • Tried changing every import setting.

  • Tried enabling/disabling root motion.

  • Tried making a new animation blueprint on the same skeleton and it still happens.

  • Tried recreating it in a blank project and the animations are fine.

Been stuck on this for hours what the hell is going on?

Here is a video showing it happening:

hmmm i say check the animation retargeting and make sure everything follows the skeleton and and the pelvis animated scale

It looks like you are blending animations with diffrent root bone orientation. Check the bone default rotation and if that is the case, you will have to pick one skeleton setup and stick with it.

They are all Kubold’s animations from the marketplace, I’ve been using the exact same animations without a problem on the same skeleton. Even ones that used to work fine now do it if I re-import them. I’m certain it’s not the animations causing it.

I had a similar effect happening too. Mixamo skeleton/animations have a certain root bone orientation, and UE4 mannequin skeleton/animations have another. The root bone rotates during the blend and causes that dip motion. Have you checked the local root bone orientations in the 2 animations and skeleton? As SerzaNT said, it really does look like at least 1 of them doesn’t match the others.