Very strange slot animation problem! (video)

Every time I play a slot animation on the ‘default slot’ the whole character moves down 50 cm then back up.

  • This happens with all animations I import recently.

  • The animations that are already in my project don’t do it.

  • Tried changing every import setting.

  • Tried enabling/disabling root motion.

  • Tried making a new animation blueprint on the same skeleton and it still happens.

  • Tried recreating it in a blank project and the animations are fine.

Been stuck on this for hours what the hell is going on?…ew?usp=sharing

How are you creating the animation? Or where are you importing them from? It looks like in that tool the animation is not aligned to center, but is shifted, which would cause the shift you are seeing.

The animations are from the marketplace. I already imported lots of them (in the same pack) that work fine. Even if I try to import the same animations I already imported without a problem,it still happens. Makes me think one of the import settings is wrong but I’ve tried changing all of them! Also, why would this only happen if I play the anim through a slot on the AB?