Very strange repNotify behavior


I have a trader npc in my game and he looks at the player interacting with him. For this “rotation” i use a LookAtPlayer boolean which uses repnotify. When the player interacts with him, the boolean gets set to true.

Everything works fine, except in one situation. Namely, when a player hasn’t spawned yet, and then spawn in the server and goes to the npc, when he is currently trading with someone the boolean will not update even though it’s repNotify untill the interacting player stops interacting and starts again, this time the boolean will update properly.

So basically, the repnotify only works when the player has a spawned character and even if he has changes to the boolean will not update when the player didn’t have a character yet.

Is this normal behavior? I’ve never really tried repNotify like this, so maybe it’s intentional? Or is there some other reason?