Very strange problem with 3rd person Player view

Hi I’m having a strange problem when I try to change the size of a playable character in 3rd person view that has weapons attached. If I make the player smaller in the game character mesh the gun or whatever weapon he is carrying gets bigger and when you swap out the weapon for another one it gets bigger and bigger each time. I’ve changed the size of the weapon blueprint also but it still happens. Does anyone know why this is happening and how it can be fixed. You can test it yourself now by going into your game project and making your player character smaller.



Everything seems fine until you draw your weapon

Then this happens

and it just keeps getting bigger each time you swap it out.

You should show some screenshots of the blueprints you use to attach your weapon to your character. And the bit that does the swapping. Can’t really tell what’s going on now.

Yeah you will need to pass the scale along to the weapon as well.

Ya as I said above “I’ve changed the size of the weapon blueprint also but it still happens.” but if you mean the weapon mesh there is no option to scale the size of the object there.

Ya I’m at work at the mo so I’ll get a screen later but this seems to be inherent in Unreal and you can check it out yourself. I’ve used two completely different weapon systems including the Generic Shooter Sample Project on the market place and it still happens.

Thats because it’s spawning the weapon based on its scale. After you spawn the weapon make the next node be to scale it to the size that you want it to be.

I’ll look into that when I get home. Thanks.